Are you unclear on the prospects in your future, whatever that future is?
In moment of chaos, the most important thing is clarity of thought.

Code Mashinani Emerging Technologies and Innovation Program is designed to help you gain the confidence to think and learn about the emerging future and the opportunities it brings.

Why you should take our program;
1. Get a personal learning consultant to guide you through the program and customize your learning experience.

2. Learn the Art of Being Human and clarify your philosophy on life.

3. Develop an effective way to take advantage of all the information and knowledge you come around and learn how to turn it into actionable insights.

4. Develop your design and computational thinking skills.

5. Learn about the history of technology and the evolution of key services; Food production and management, Education, Health, Talent Acquisition, Management and Development, Content Creation, Distribution and Monetization, Retail, Mobility, Travel, Entertainment, and Energy.

6. Understanding key emerging technologies (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Edge & Cloud Computing), their opportunity and the skills you need to acquire to participate in the opportunities.

7. Join a growing community of early adopters working and innovating with emerging technologies in; Food production and management, Education, Health, Talent acquisition, management and development, Content creation, distribution and monetization, Retail, Mobility, Travel, Entertainment and Energy.

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Course Outline
Lesson 1: The Art of Being Human.
Lesson 2: How to Build a Second Brain.
Lesson 3: Evolution of Key Services.
Lesson 4: History of Technology.
Lesson 5: Internet and Digitization
Lesson 6: Design Thinking.
Lesson 7: Computational Thinking.
Lesson 8: Elements of Artificial Intelligence.
Lesson 9: Understanding the Blockchain.
Lesson 10: Digital Media and Virtual Reality.
Lesson 11: Cloud & Edge Computing.
Lesson 12: The Future of(Health, Education, Work)”